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Why is TreatWrite web-based?

TreatWrite was created to be the most complete and flexible electronic documentation system on the market. As a web-based product, TreatWrite allows you to receive constant product and regulation upgrades, free new feature releases, total security of patient records with comprehensive data protection and redundant back-up systems. The web-based platform gives you the flexibility to work from any place with an internet connection.

Will TreatWrite work on a Mac and my PC?

Yes, TreatWrite works on both Macs and PCs. You may even switch between different computer types and operating systems without modifying how you work or your work product.

How do I install TreatWrite?

No installation is needed! As an internet-based program, all you need is an Internet connection from your PC or your Mac.

How long does it take to get set up?

TreatWrite set up is fast. Companies with 100 or fewer therapists may begin using TreatWrite within one to three days.

Which browser should I use?

You may choose to work in FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Chromium or Internet Explorer.

Which operating system does TreatWrite support?

TreatWrite supports all current Mac and PC operating systems.

How does TreatWrite save time?

TreatWrite lets you work smarter, not harder.

     All information transfers from report to report and note to note to eliminate re-writing. This saves data entry time and improves Care Plan consistency.

     Customizable report templates contain frequently used information for any patient population saving data input time.

     The Document Manager makes finding notes and reports as simple as clicking on a file from a patient list.

     The Clinical Progress Tracker eliminates excessive narration by outlining patient strengths and weakness by function, and by function severity.

     A single click on 'Bill Now' at the completion of each daily treatment note sends billing information directly to the daily billing summary. This eliminates additional paperwork and insures documentation to billing consistency.

Can TreatWrite help create revenue? 
The efficiencies created during product testing reduced paperwork time by almost 50% over traditional documentation methods. The calculated times savings added nearly 18 hours of additional time per month per full time caseload. The times savings created the ability to add more patients onto caseloads increasing potential earning power by up to $30,000 per therapist per year.

Contact TreatWrite for our Time is Money Survey to learn how much money TreatWrite can save you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have multiple therapists in more than one location. How many users/therapists may I set up?

TreatWrite has no limit for subscribed users per practice or per office location. In fact, TreatWrite allows you to set up and administer multiple branch (office locations) and their respective therapists.

Is there a limit to the number of patients I can enter in TreatWrite?

There are no limits to the number of patients or their corresponding data you can enter into the TreatWrite system.

Does TreatWrite documentation work for children and adults?

Yes. The Clinical Progress Tracker™ allows you to create a unique profile of functional skills for any patient age or disorder type.

Where is my data?

TreatWrite data is stored on servers at GoDaddy. Contact Customer service at (888) 394-0739 for more information.

What if my computer crashes?

No worries. Your patient files are safely stored on TreatWrite’s servers. You may access them via the Internet at any time.

How frequently is my data backed up?

Your data is backed up redundantly every 4 hours.

How frequently should I save my work when I am using TreatWrite?

TreatWrite times out after one hour of inactivity. Save frequently. You should save your data every five minutes while working in TreatWrite. You should also save before you walk away from your computer and immediately when you return.

How many years do you store data?

TreatWrite data storage is continuous. Files over 21 years old will be archived.

How do I get technical support help?

Technical support is available by selecting ‘Report and Issue’ from the Help Menu of the TreatWrite dashboard, by contacting:

     Technical support or

     Customer service

How do I submit if I get an error message?

Error messages provide very important information. Do not ignore them. Copy the error message and send it to:

     Technical support or

     Customer service

We appreciate it when you contact us immediately so we can correct any issue that may arise.

I am having trouble saving data in Internet Explorer, what should I do?

You need the compatibility mode. Click on the icon that looks like a piece of paper in the browser url or select the Compatibility View from the View tab on the browser toolbar. Still confused? Check out this Tech Tip.