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About TreatWrite®

TreatWrite is web-based progress tracking documentation system for speech, occupational, and physical therapists. It provides outcomes-focused documentation designed to support reimbursement success and regulatory compliance.  TreatWrite has the flexibility to be used with all patient populations in any clinical setting, and for university student training.

Outcome-Focused Documentation

The Clinical Progress Tracker™ is a graphic display that creates an individualized picture of each patient’s functional strengths and weaknesses while it compares benchmarked functional progress from one Care Plan reporting period to the next. It is a decision-making tool giving clinicians to the ability to define, analyze, and modify treatment strategies leading to Care Plan efficiencies and improved patient outcomes. The Clinical Progress Tracker provides a clear picture of patient accomplishments over time, that demonstrates the worth of services to patients, and to payers.


Eliminate documentation denials: TreatWrite has the remarkable ability to claim it can eliminate reimbursement denials for documentation compliance, and it can contribute to successful audit reviews. TreatWrite’s progress tracking methodology has a history of over 20 years with ZERO claims denials for documentation compliance. Users have never reported a documentation audit failure.

HIPAA: TreatWrite meets HIPAA standards for records security. Business agreements, programming standards, data encryption, firewalls, and multiple backups ensure data security and regulation compliance.

G Code Smart Logic System: TreatWrite has a G Code Smart Logic System required for Medicare Part B patient reimbursement prior to January 2019. Smart Logic eliminates code reporting and billing errors by removing the guesswork about which codes to use and when to use them. Code sets display in the proper format on all documents for easy selection and modification based on patient progress. TreatWrite transfers selected G Code information automatically from a completed daily note to the billing summary in the correct code order. G Codes show only when code sets are selected. G Code information will not populate reports and notes without code set selection.


Bill Now: Single-click documentation to billing is as simple as selecting Save. The Bill Now button at the top of each Daily Treatment Note puts selected CPT, ICD, and G codes on the daily billing summary. Identical codes register on the daily notes and the billing summary protecting clinicians and companies from inconsistencies that might trigger more detailed audits. The billing summary may be printed, emailed, or customized to connect to your EMR for shorter patient-to-payment response times. Call customer service at (888) 394-0739 to learn how to connect your EMR to TreatWrite’s billing summary.

TreatWrite®, Thawte and Clinical Progress Tracker are registered trademarks.  Copyright 2007.

Proven and Secure

Proven: TreatWrite has a 20-year history of success as a documentation system, first as ProWrite, a stand-alone prototype, and now as a web-based version.  Over 500 users save time and create more accurate documentation by using TreatWrite.

Secure: TreatWrite gives you the confidence of knowing your patient records are comprehensively protected.  The database servers and web portals are fully HIPAA compliant guaranteeing the privacy of all records.  Patient files are backed up both onsite and offsite every 4 hours.  Data resides behind multiple firewalls with active data encryption as you work on the web that is secured by Thawte, by a fully encrypted server and by steady state data encryption as patient files rest on the servers.


Document Manager: TreatWrite organizes patient information for easy document access using the Document Manager. Users have the ability to view all patient documents, open and work on files with one click, and to see the current status of authorization information from a single organized page.

System organization: Simple toolbar functions give TreatWrite users the ability to modify authorization information, deactivate and reactivate patients quickly, share files, open new documents, and locate unbilled or unfinished notes quickly so there is never a missed billing opportunity. Assistants or students and their supervisors may exchange information securely in real time using the comments and corrections feature.

Fast and Easy to Use

Templates: TreatWrite offers the option to add patients using master documents or to customize report contents using templates so reports contain frequently used information for any patient population. Templates save time and may be easily edited to adjust to changing documentation practices.

No re-writing: All Information from a completed report flows to the correct sections of any selected subsequent report, and each new note is a copy of the previous note. These speedy processes add efficiency, consistency, and accountability to care plan logic.

Designed for efficiency: TreatWrite was designed to economize clinician efforts.  TreatWrite accomplishes this by using logically constructed workflows based on the patient care process paired with accompanying documentation requirements. Efficiencies include, but are not limited to, the graphic Clinical Progress Tracker that creates an outline of patient information thereby eliminating wordy reports.  Bill Now eliminates separate documents for notes and billing, provides consistent processes for accomplishing tasks (such as adding and changing codes), uses logical toolbar organization, and more.

EMR Integration

Customized integration: TreatWrite was designed with the flexibility to stand alone as a professional documentation system, or to be integrated with other Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems through an Application Programming Interface (API).  The TreatWrite API interface may be customized to connect seamlessly to your EMR.  Contact TreatWrite for more information.

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