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Use TreatWrite

TreatWrite gives Non-Profit Organizations the ability to demonstrate the value of their services to patients, physicians, payers, and supportive organizations at a reduced cost. TreatWrite adds value to your organization by:

Improving patient outcomes.

TreatWrite is outcomes- based documentation that uses a Continuous Care Plan Improvement Approach (CCPIA) and the Clinical Progress Tracker™ to manage outcomes from diagnosis to discharge.

Using structured, organized documentation. TreatWrite organizes patient information for easy document access using the Document Manager. Users have the ability to view all patient documents, open and work on files, and to see the current status of authorization information from a single, organized page.

Reducing documentation mistakes and billing errors. TreatWrite contains controls to minimize documentation, coding, and HIPAA mistakes. Each document contains all fields required for reimbursement reducing the ability to miss key information. Signatures and required statements are in the correct place. Codes automatically move from a daily note to the billing summary eliminating discrepancies in the reimbursement and audit processes. Features such as the inability to finish a note before the time of the visit has expired is one of the built in HIPAA features.

Increasing access to information.

TreatWrite is web-based and serves customers from a secure hosting facility. All records are easily accessible via supported Internet browsers on Macs and PCs.


Using proven, secure technology.

TreatWrite has a 20-year history of success. Over 500 users enjoy using TreatWrite every day. Security measures include a secure socket layer, data encryption and multiple firewalls.

Supporting reimbursement.

TreatWrite speeds the patient to payment billing process. Selecting “Bill Now” at the end of each daily note sends patient billing information directly from the daily treatment note to the Daily Billing Summary. The Billing Summary may be sent for immediate processing via email or through a seamless interface customized to connect to your EMR.

Improving financial outcomes.

Contact TreatWrite and tell us the average time it takes your therapists to complete a daily treatment note, and we will tell you the time and dollars you can gain by using TreatWrite.

Improving patient engagement.

"One of the things I like most about TreatWrite is the Clinical Progress Tracker. Having a number value makes it easier for parents to comprehend what 'moderate' or 'severe' means relative to other levels of function. We often forget that parents or patients may not have the same frame of reference when discussing these terms. Most can readily understand the difference between a 7 (normal) or 2 (severe).” Barbara Samfield, M.S., CCC-SLP, San Antonio, TX.

Improving third party satisfaction.

Surveys show patients, physicians, and payers award TreatWrite 5 out of 5 stars for report readability and content.

Contact TreatWrite to learn why TreatWrite is the perfect documentation solution at the right price for your Non-Profit Organization.