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speech, occupational and physical therapists

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TreatWrite Practice Pro

Provide your therapists with the tools they need to create, organize, and share their clinical documentation, and to do it faster than ever before.

We believe in the value of productivity and in efficient compliance. Your price for TreatWrite is based on the activity level (monthly appointment-visit volume) of your business. Our goal is to help your staff be more productive every day, and to increase your business success.

TreatWrite helps your company work smarter, not harder through:

• Efficient allied health workflow processes

• Simplified information access

• No re-writing 

• Real time document transfer between assistants/students, and their supervisors

• Progress tracking over time to improve Care Plan continuity 

• Direct transfer of codes from treatment notes to a billing summary to eliminate inconsistencies

• Coding compliance, required fields, correct statements, and proper signatures on every document.

This may all be done while saving your staff up to 50% of their typical documentation time.

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