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Use TreatWrite

TreatWrite improves Academic Success & Career Preparedness by:

• Encouraging critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills in an organized, narrative report format. 

• Giving students the ability to describe the written relationship between past client progress and future client goals. 

• Developing skills integral for job competitiveness in today’s workplace environment such as documentation technology, coding and billing practices, and organizational discipline. 

TreatWrite highlights Client Focus & Treatment Efficacy by:

• Integrating all documents into a moving picture of client progress from evaluation to discharge. 

• Creating a unique clinical profile for each client. 

• Helping students to narrow treatment strategies to target client strengths and weaknesses. 

TreatWrite increases Clinical Organization & Operational Performance by:

• Maintaining a uniform documentation approach from semester to semester and client to client. 

• Giving supervisors, administrators and clerical staff at will access to client reports and student documentation activities. 

• Delivering quick and accurate billing summary data to your clerical or billing desk. 

• Providing a web-based platform that reduces IT costs, increases records security, supports HIPAA compliance and provides a flexible work and study environment.

TreatWrite’s structured, narrative based documentation system is built on a proven, published methodology that encourages critical thinking and reasoning.

Empower your supervisors and prepare your students with the clinical organization skills they will need to succeed in the workplace.

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