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Help us make your TreatWrite experience a great one.  Tell us about any issues you have.  Where applicable, include the exact error message so we may provide the best, most efficient service.  Click here to report a technical issue.

Problem status key:

     RED is a current problem on which we are working

     YELLOW is a user caution or helpful hint

     GREEN is a resolved issue

Problem: 6/1/2019 - No unsolved problems reported at this time

Caution:  Using a space in the SS#/SID (Subscriber ID) space. This will cause difficulties saving data entered beyond that field.  You may use -/\# characters.  This error causes issues saving data by omitting any spaces in the SID. The SS# field requires XXX-XX-XXXX.

Caution:  Use only one instance of TreatWrite

per browser (such as Chrome) at any given time. You may use two different browsers at the same time (Chrome, Firefox), but not two instances of the same browser (Chrome, Chrome).  We establish a connection between your computer and our server with one cookie per browser type.  

Imagine that Chrome is a chocolate chip cookie and Firefox is a peanut butter cookie.  You may have one chocolate chip cookie and one peanut butter cookie open at the same time.  You should NOT open two chocolate chip cookies or two peanut butter cookies at the same time.  Two of the same cookie (browser) alters the Open files.

Caution:  Chrome file duplications

Start with a simple file addition to avoid creating multiple files:

     Enter the patient's name, DOB, and age

     Select Save

     Check the patient file to see if a file was created

Caution:  Saving data in a browser-based system

TreatWrite times out after one hour of inactivity.  You should save your data every five minutes while working in TreatWrite. You should also save before you walk away from your computer and immediately when you return.

Caution:  Trouble saving data in Internet Explorer?

Using Internet Explorer requires the compatibility view.  Click on the icon that looks like a piece of paper in the browser URL or select the Compatibility View from the View tab on the browser toolbar. Still confused? Check out this Tech Tip.

Caution: Tab and Enter functions in Safari

Using ‘tab’ in some versions of Safari will force the cursor to the beginning of a field.  You may avoid this problem by clicking to place your cursor in a desired location.

Caution:  Helpful resources

     The Subscriber section of this website offers helpful information about how to use all the features and functions in TreatWrite.

     Contact How To for help using any of the features in TreatWrite.

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