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Progress tracking documentation for

speech, occupational and physical therapists

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When do I report G Codes?

G Codes must be reported at the following intervals:

  1. Initial assessment and all progress re-evaluation visits

  2. Every visit ending in zero subsequent to the first evaluation visit (10, 20, 30)

  3. Or, every 10th visit after a progress re-evaluation. The assessment visit is considered "visit one" in the 10 visit series.

  4. At discharge

Do I need to report more than one G Code?

Two codes (current and projected status modifiers) must be reported at the initial evaluation and at all progress re-evaluation visits. One code is reported at discharge.

Does CMS require practitioners to use a specific reporting system?
No. CMS reporting requirements focus on functional patient accomplishment and may be reported using any reporting tool.

Does documentation need to support the G Codes?

Yes. Documentation is subject to audit review and must contain and support progress tracking and billed CPT, ICD and G Codes.

What is critical to successful G Code documentation?
The critical focus is functional progress documentation that is billed with the appropriate code set. TreatWrite's flexible Clinical Progress TrackerTM and data collection fields allow unlimited reporting flexibility adapting to all functional reporting verbiage.

If I don't need G Codes will they show on my TreatWrite documentation?
No. G Codes show only when the boxes are selected.

Will TreatWrite work with my existing hospital EMR?

Yes. TreatWrite may be integrated into existing EMR systems.

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