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May 2017

Challenging Disorders Survey Results

Here Is What You Had to Say

March 2017

Incentive Reimbursement

Collective brainstorming about accountability measures

February 2017

Sharing Used to be Simple

Value-based care creates complicated sharing relationships

January 2017

Does Your EHR Have the Technological Capabilities Needed to Support MACRA?

Asking and Answering Tough Questions

October 2016


Scary Changes Affecting the Future of US Healthcare

September 2016

Are You the Winner or a Participant?

Become Recognized as a High Quality Service Provider

August 2016

How Satisfied are Your Patients?

Evaluating Patient Satisfaction as Healthcare Moves Towards Incentive-Based Reimbursement

July 2016

Healthcare Trends 401

Welcome to Healthcare Trends 401 - Pop Quiz Today!

March 2016

Healthcare Ecosystem

A Powerful New Healthcare Concept

February 2016


A New Healthcare Vocabulary Word

November 2015

Navigating Therapy with Documentation

The Continuous Care Plan Difference

October 2015

Building ICD-10 Into Care Plans

Simple ways to improve ICD-10 audit compliance

August September 2015

Prepare for the ICD-10-CM Spelling Bee

Root digits and suffixes

July 2015

What moments define your career?

The Rewards of Working in Allied Health

June 2015

Reporting Patient Conditions

ICD-10-CM requires code order changes

May 2015

Compliance Programs

Knock, knock, ready - Part 2 of 2

April 2015

Compliance Programs

Knock, knock, ready - Part 1 of 2

March 2015

Drip, drip, drip

Slow $ leaks that drain profit

February 2015

Learning Healthcare

The future heartbeat of healthcare value

January 2015

Predictors and Predators of Profit

Thieves of profit lurk in the shallows of your business

November 2014

Health Care Value Under the Microscope

Medicare’s Value Based Purchasing Initiative

October 2014

Third Party Reimbursement

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

September 2014

For Your Eyes Only

Protect Personal and Patient Information While You Document

August 2014

Code Value Arithmetic Used to Determine CPT Reimbursement

What underlies the CPT Code Book descriptions?

July 2014


Paycheck Insurance for Allied Health Professionals

June 2014

Compliance is Just Good Business

Don't Write Checks for Preventable Errors

May 2014

In an Ideal Healthcare World

Shared Roles in Healthcare Outcomes: Payers as Partners

April 2014

In an Ideal Healthcare World

Shared Roles in Healthcare Outcomes: Providers as Partners

March 2014

In an Ideal Healthcare World

Shared Roles in Healthcare Outcomes: Patients as Partners

February 2014

Managing Business Risk

A Checklist for Business Owners

December 2013

It’s Who You Know and What They Know

The Role of a Business Associates Agreement

November 2013

It Seemed Like a Good Idea…at the Time

Business Mistakes Leading to Audit Penalties

October 2013


2013 Final Rule Changes

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