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Progress tracking documentation for

speech, occupational and physical therapists

TreatWrite is...

  1. Outcome-Focused Documentation

  2. The Clinical Progress Tracker gives a clear picture of functional progress towards outcome goals.  Learn more

  3. Compliant

  4. No TreatWrite user has ever reported an audit review failure, or a reimbursement denial for documentation compliance.  Learn more

  5. Accountable

  6. Bill Now on the daily treatment notes coordinates accurate coding information to the daily billing summary.  Learn more

  7. Organized

  8. The Document Manager displays individual patient documents.  Each document opens with a single click.  Learn more

  9. Fast and Easy to Use

  10. Customizable templates, and data transfer from document to document make TreatWrite efficient.  Learn more

  11. Designed for EMR Integration

  12. TreatWrite may be customized to integrate seamlessly with your EMR.

TreatWrite is a visionary, responsible, web-based service that:

  1. produces quality, accountable healthcare documentation

  2. improves the patient care process

  3. improves patient health

  4. enhances the clinical provider experience

  5. supports provider reimbursement, and

  6. optimizes allied health practices to conserve payer resources

  7. Learn more...

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